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Cold Glue 25g - Red (Warm)

Cold Glue 25g - Red (Warm)
Cold Glue 25g - Red (Warm)
Cold Glue 25g - Red (Warm)
Cold Glue 25g - Red (Warm)
Cold Glue 25g - Red (Warm)
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Model: CF25Vermelho


Cold Glue - Red - Indicated for use in regions with hot temperatures.

As for the execution of the services, it is much faster, because it manages to do the dent in a successive way almost

without breaks. Agility in the dent process, as it does not need to be heated or heated.

It works in areas that hot glue does not work, for example in enveloped parts, or even repainting (provided that the same

has been made under the technical standards).

Average duration of 5 years, when stored in a place that does not pick up dirt, it lasts longer.


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