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Brand: Fast PDR Tools Model: AC0509
This isopropyl alcohol sprayer is used to remove glue...
R$8.91 without installments
1x R$9.90
Ex Tax:R$9.90
Model: AC0121
Plastic Palette Knife - Glue RemoverPlastic Palette Knife to remove glue after the removal of tabs...
R$4.95 without installments
1x R$5.50
Ex Tax:R$5.50
Brand: Vonder Model: AC0120
Door Panel and Roof Liner Clip Removal SetIt makes your life easier. A very practical kit to remove Door Panel and Roof Liner Clip...
R$80.91 without installments
1x R$89.90
Ex Tax:R$89.90
Spatula set 20 pieces Vonder Spatula set 20 pieces Vonder
Out Of Stock
Brand: Vonder Model: AC0542
1 Set consisting of 20 pieces, including: 1 canvas case, 1 large remover (160 mm x 64 mm),1 staple remover with handle (180mm x 30mm), 1 handy staple remover (195mm x 30mm),1 Upholstery Staple Remover (213 mm x 20 mm), 1 Angle Remover (175 mm x 20 mm),1 angled panel clip remover (195 mm x 30 mm), 1 ..
R$234.00 without installments
2x R$130.00
Ex Tax:R$260.00
Ring Remover - Trim Pick Set
Out Of Stock
Model: AC0311
Ring Remover - Trim Pick Set1 Set of mini grippers, consisting of 4 pieces: 1 straight tip, 1 curved tip, 1 L-Tip and 1 45° tipIdeal for separating wires, removing small fuses, rubber rings, screw covers and other trim that requires a sharper or more rigid tool for removal of cover panels...
R$49.50 without installments
1x R$55.00
Ex Tax:R$55.00
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